Hand-poured Soy Scented Candles
Hand-poured Soy Scented Candles
Hand-poured Soy Scented Candles
Hand-poured Soy Scented Candles
Hand-poured Soy Scented Candles

Hand-poured Soy Scented Candles

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  • Glass doubles as a luxurious whiskey tumbler

Inspired by the strength, softness, and passion that fills all of us, these candles are handmade in Australia with natural soy wax and fragrant oils.

Each candle is hand-poured into an elegant whiskey glass tumbler, shimmering with timeless style. Once washed, fill with your favourite drink, watch it dance off the diamond-like finish, and get lost in a quiet moment. You deserve it.

Enjoy 55+ hours of two blissful scent options:

Now Fix Your Crown: Lime and coconut combine with hints of sea salt, guaranteed to remind you that there is beauty in the in-between, the real-life, and the messy. (And with half the amount of work of dealing with it all.)

Sweet Aspirations: Sweet pea, jasmine, and sandalwood create an inspired but grounded moment that's sure to whisk you away as far as your dreams will take you.

Your painting will be thoroughly packaged by skilled professionals and delivered directly to your home, office, school, or wherever you desire. All prices include delivery within Australia and worldwide shipping is a flat rate of $17.50.

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Below the surface

There is depth in these women, as there is in each of us. So much going on under the surface that we can only hope to be able to capture a glimpse of. This element of my art alludes to the message of seeking to understand others instead of judging them.


Absolutely! International shipping tends to take just a bit longer than shipping within Australia, but you'll receive detailed tracking information and will be able to view updates along the way.

For me the transparency portrays that there is so much more going on under the surface of what we see in real life. This eludes to not judging people as we don’t know the full story and what people are dealing with.

To me the flower covering one eye represents “Grow through what you go through.”  There is symbolism in each flower from Magnolia for pride & dignity to the Peony representing love, honour and happiness. The theory is called extraction, where covering an important part of a piece allows the viewer to create their own interpretation of the piece. I absolutely love that my art can resonate differently for so many people. I also just looove flowers 😉

Fine Art Prints are the highest quality prints available, printed on museum grade paper with a 100 year warranty on fade and colour and carrying the UK Fine Art Trade Guild Certification (View the Certificate). My prints are in standard sizes that fit standard frames to allow my collectors to choose affordable add-on framing options right from this shop. Or you can give your print a luxe treatment with any custom framing option you can dream up!

A Stretched Canvas Print is a piece that has been printed on the finest grade canvas with highest quality inks. The canvas is then stretched over a timber frame so the print surrounds the frame and the frame cannot be seen. The canvas is then varnished to give it a 75 year warranty on colour and fade. Unframed Stretched Canvas Prints come with a hanging wire ready to hang in your home, office, or wherever. Framed Stretched Canvas Prints come ready to be hung with two hanging hooks on each side — these piece are heavier and require two points of contact when hung on a wall.

Yes! Custom framing is available with 5cm white matte and your choice of white, black, chocolate timber or ash blonde timber. 

I believe the colour of the frame is more dependent on the colours in your home than the colours of the artwork. Personally, I love seeing my Queens dressed up in Gold frames. You can check out the Gallery to see how others have styled their pieces within their own spaces.

Fine Art Print orders are posted through Australia or International Post from Brisbane on Thursdays of each week. Stretched Canvas Prints take up to 10 working days to be printed, stretched, and varnished. Framed Stretched Canvas Prints can take up to 15 working days due to the professional framing process. Depending on the canvas size the piece will be sent via courier and tracking information will be sent to you in your fulfilment email. Please note the variation in delivery time on these larger pieces and different locations around the world.

I like to keep things local, so all work is created and framed within Queensland Australia.