Hi, I'm Katie.

As a child it was my escape from the noise of a household of eight to go into our paddocks and create. It was also my favourite time filler while traveling the world with my husband.  

After having four children in five years, I longed to put brush to paper without the stress of toddlers’ wandering hands getting into my oil paints or mediums.

After finding the space to paint freely again, the female figure features almost exclusively in my work. My true passion lies in connecting with my collectors through the emotions and messages that inspire my pieces, as we all learn to embrace our own beautiful mess.

There’s usually sticky little hands and wet noses poking around my studio. And there's always a jumble of spray paint, antique newspaper clippings, and my children's drawings that often get featured in my work.

It's a beautiful mess. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

I believe women and flowers are strongly bound together.
Flowers are the perfect imagery to display the inner traits of a woman; delicacy, strength, beauty, perseverance, wild and free. The symbolism of each flower is an expression of the woman within the piece. Magnolias symbolising perseverance and dignity. Peonies symbolising honour and compassion. If you look closely, there's always more than meets the eye in every piece.

A whole lot more than meets the eye...

Poems & Messages

I love incorporating poems and messages that inspire the dreamers and achievers inside all of us. "A Beautiful Mess" features lines from Australian poet Erin Hanson, timelessly written when she was just 16. Can you find the one in "Sunshine?"

Take a Closer Look


When a friend sent me newspaper features and advertisements from the 1940's, I knew I had to incorporate them. And that I wouldn't get anything else done that day! Take a closer look and see if your piece has a hint of nostalgia within it.

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You might find doodles from my children or drawings of that imaginative and limitless childhood voice that I hope finds young girls everywhere. Commissioned pieces can be customized to include your own children's drawings or whatever fills you with joy.

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