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If you want to celebrate a milestone in a loved one's life or career, a commissioned painting is an excellent choice for a timeless gift. There are three offerings for unique commissioned paintings, detailed below.

Commissioned Painting

Go beyond capturing a moment and truly honor the important people in your life. A commissioned painting of a loved one, yourself, or an important leader or donor will tell a far deeper story than any photograph ever could. Custom quoted and includes design consultation.

A Curated Katie Wyer Art

Find inspiration and strength in a customized original painting that stands the test of time. Choose your muse from a curated group of originals, an alluring subject (flower, butterfly, or whatever you can dream up), and desired colour palette. Starting at 2800 AUD.

Curated original prints will be reproduced for exclusive sale by Katie Wyer Art.

honor your
Beautiful Mess

Starting with this perfectly imperfect muse, you'll have countless opportunities to feature drawings from the children you love, your personal mantras, favourite colours, or whatever brings you joy. Starting at 2500 AUD.

Commission Enquiry

Limited spots are available and will be allocated at the artist's discretion. Please fill out the form below to submit an enquiry.

Please read descriptions of the commission options available and let me know which option you would love xx
Please include an indicative size you are after for your enquiry

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