Behind the Easel

Thought I’d do a few little fun facts about me for all those new followers.  

1. I had 4 kids in 5 years - I would’ve had 8 if my body could handle it. I loved it! Make no mistake it was tough! I remember having a saying “I’ll cry on Tuesday” as that was the day my Mum took them for two hours. But I loved the beauty in the mayhem (which actually can be seen in my art). I loved that my kiss could magically stop my child’s pain. That them hiccuping in my womb would keep me up at night. The way the older kids instantly fell madly in love with the little blob I brought home from the hospital that at the time only fed, pooped, cried, & occasionally slept.

2. I hate bananas but love banana bread.

3. I’m also a photographer @katiewyerphotography I love capturing emotion in my images and now in my art pieces.

4. My husband was a hot, professional beach volleyballer. Now he’s a hot project manager.

5. 2.5 years ago I was diagnosed with a rare disease. The treatment of the disease caused me to shake and convulse and I had to be sedated as I’d reacted to the drugs. The shakes took almost 12 months to completely go (though I still get it in my left side every now and again - luckily I’m right handed). At the time my specialist wasn’t sure I would make a full recovery and it made me realise how much I had taken my creative gifts for granted. I now paint or create everyday and it’s made the biggest impact in my art journey. I feel so blessed to have been cured of the disease, that so far it hasn’t returned & that I have recovered enough to be able follow my dreams.

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